Our company was founded to serve especially in construction field and move on by following the changes and developments in technology with the experience gained in the past quarter century.

Mr. M. Fikret UĞUR, the founder and General Manager of the firm, has succesfully completed many project like construction of Dams, Irrigation Projects, Open Pit Mines, Highways and Roads as a Technical Director for Clients named as General Directorate of State Hydroulic Works (DSİ), General Dirctorate of Coal Mines (TKİ), General Directorate of Roads and Highways (TCK) and some Metropolitan Municipalities.

Our company has also consolidated its position with the accomplished projects, thanks to the experienced technical and administrative staff. We are aware of the fact that our company gained this success with its highly fitted, hardworking and diciplined staff.

In this success; good planning, respect to the clients and providing the necessary organisation and coordination to accomplish the project have also played an important role.

We believe that our company will continue its growth trend and participation in major projects in the following years in order to make a contribution for the economy of our country.

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